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Питер Пауль Рубенс
(1577 - 1640)
Искусство Питера Пауля Рубенса оказало глубокое влияние на художников многих стран, работавших в различных стилях и жанрах. Ребенса называют гением барокко.
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CraigPew    10/04/2018, 04:04
п»їIntuition & the Healing Power of Play: Part II Play = Joy = Abundance

Your body cannot heal without play.
Your mind cannot heal without laughter.
Your soul cannot heal without joy.
— Catherine Rippenger Fenwick
And I would add “your prosperity cannot heal without time off.” So even though I am in the midst of launching a new program and it seems counter-intuitive when I have so much on my plate, I have gone to the beach for a quick swim several times this week because I am finally appreciating the direct link between play and inspiration, creativity and productivity.
The energy of play is aligned with the energy of abundance. I have asked many successful teachers, authors, and coaches what they felt was their “secret sauce” for success. They unanimously shared that when they finally began to take more play time for themselves, their business and success soared.
One motivational speaker confided that years ago when she was a realtor, she made the unpopular decision to only work Monday to Thursday, and take time with her family on long weekends. Even though she wasn’t working the prime time weekends doing open houses, this was the turning point when she really started making serious money as she felt refreshed, renewed and super focused when she was working. Basically, it returned her to a healthier balance, and she was happy again!
Marci Shimoff, perhaps one of the bestselling self-help women authors of all time, shared how she planned a week long silent retreat on a remote island nearly a year in advance. However, she almost canceled the retreat as she was launching a new book, thinking it was crazy to go away at such a critical time in her business.
Yet Shimoff reminded herself that she scheduled the retreat knowing how critical it was to take time to unplug. On day two of the retreat she was totally rewarded, as she received the inspiration for Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul which led to six bestsellers and sold over 13 million copies.
In his book Play, author and psychiatrist Stuart Brown, MD, compares play to oxygen. He writes, “…it’s all around us, yet goes mostly unnoticed or unappreciated until it is missing.” This makes sense when we consider play is art, books, movies, music, comedy, flirting and daydreaming, writes Dr. Brown, who worked with renowned playful physician Patch Adams.
Healing Benefits of Play
Personally, since I have committed to playing this summer, I feel much better in my body. It is easier to follow my intuition about what food my body is craving, and I freed up time to overcome my resistance to cooking, and explore new recipes so I can prepare healthier meals. My relationship with my partner is also so much lighter and enjoyable as we share more fun moments together.
These benefits and more have been well documented. In the article “The Importance of Play for Adults”, Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. shares that play can:
- Relieve stress. Play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals that promote a sense of well-being and can even relieve pain.
- Stimulate the brain. Playing chess, completing puzzles, or pursuing other fun activities that challenge the brain can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function.
- Boost creativity and problem solving. Play can also stimulate your imagination, helping you adapt and problem solve. You’ll learn a new task better when it’s fun and you’re in a relaxed and playful mood.
- Improve relationships and your connection to others. Sharing laughter and fun can foster empathy, compassion, trust, and intimacy with others. Developing a playful nature can help you loosen up in stressful situations, break the ice with strangers, make new friends, and form new business relationships.
- Keep you feeling young and vital. Playing can boost your energy and vitality and even improve your resistance to disease.
Tips to Add More Play = JOY to your Day
Play is a fertile field for joy to blossom. Yet we often think we have to take a long vacation and wait for once a year to actually play. In his book, Dr. Brown writes that a little bit of play can go a long way toward boosting your productivity and happiness. So how can you incorporate more play in your life? Here are a few tips:
- Change how you think about play. Any time you think play is a waste of time, remember that it offers some serious benefits for both you and others. Remember that play is important for all aspects of our lives, including productivity, creativity and relationships. Give yourself permission and schedule some play time daily.
- Play with children and pets. Playing with kids and animals helps us experience the magic of play. I have even witnessed puppies playing with older dogs who were arthritic and depressed, and it gave them a whole new lease on life.
- Bringing the element of play into daily tasks. During the day, I may run outside for a few minutes and sniff a flower, or walk barefoot in the grass. I love to add music to mundane tasks like paperwork and kitchen chores, and even dancing doing dishes. I sing songs and affirmations while showering which always lifts my spirit.
Now that you are aware of the myriad benefits of play, no more excuses. What are some ways you can add a bit of play to your day?

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actress cate blanchett imdb

CraigPew    10/04/2018, 02:26
п»їOn Page SEO Tips - How to SEO your Website for Online Success

SEO Friendly Web DesignCreating a stunning looking website is not enough today because every business from grocery shop to 5 star hotels have websites, and everyone wants to spread their business and services worldwide. Here comes the necessity of SEO. SEO (Search engine optimization) is a practice of increasing your online presence in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Now SEO becomes a viable online approach for businesses of all sizes and shapes for a lot of customers and business. Doing things right from starting can 100% reap the benefits.
Below I explain some web design practices for improving website visibility from the ground up, which are not taught in any Web Designing Institute. You may also find some little things that need to be done from the offset, and these techniques also improve the user experience even search engine also.
Let's Start from the beginning.
Keyword Research Any SEO process needs traffic gaining keywords. Keyword analysis is the prime skill to be leaning in your SEO Training Course, and if you’re a beginner you MUST master this skill. Your customers and search engine may not find you if you are using the wrong keywords. First you must decide your business objective before launching a website. What type of customer do you need Local, National or Global? Or what you want to achieve?
After it you can build pages that target these specific keywords based on your keyword research.

* Create a list of your specific target keywords.
* Find family keywords of these specific keywords. You can use Google Adwords, Wordstream, Wordtracker etc.
* Group and categorize them according to their specific keyword. (Viz. Location or Brand name)
* Finalized your list and put them in your web pages but don’t do it over. Put only 3-4 primary keyword and 7-8 secondary keywords in a page.Keyword PlacementSome major factors tell search engines what a page is about. It’s very important to put keywords in the right place on the page. Because Search engine mostly reads major keywords of your page even a user when he searches for something he doesn’t read your full story, he may be focuses on your heading or points.
Here are some good places for put keywords:

* Title Tag (Used in Title Bar and Rich snippets, affects CTR also, 65 chars best)
* Meta Tag Description (used in Rich snippets, 150 chars long )
* Header and Navigation (SE reads left to right & top to bottom, most visible area)
* Breadcrumb trails (good linking place for both SEs and Users)
* Heading Tags (H1 to H3 is enough)
* ALT Tags (helps SEs to understand your image info.)
* The title attribute on the Links (not much but helpful to users)
* Internal links (Strong linking indicates, strong site structure)
* Footer Links (NO to too many links, just for user help)
* Static URLs (Good for bookmarking, Snippets and human friendly)All these points create a user friendly website. So create your content for user, if user focused on your content, Google automatically focused on you.
If you think its not a complete list, help me to update it. Your comments would be valuable.
Let's talk in some detail.
Responsive NavigationCreating a search engine friendly navigation (responsive web design) means creating a structure that search engines can read and follow easily. Always create text based links navigation instead of image links because search engine can’t read images. It creates your interlinking more powerful and accessible.
Now day’s websites moving rapidly on mobiles. Wherever possible avoid flash and Javascript based navigation. It’s not good from an SEO Point of view.
If you love flash then why don’t use CSS3 or jQuery instead of Flash. They give you a better experience and faster load time.
Create your navigation descriptive and Clear. Create interlinks between web pages. Label your navigation clearly that a user can understand what the page is about.
URLSEO friendly URL means search engines can quickly read and identify what a page is about. The past few years I have noticed that a number of websites did not contain friendly URL, here an example:

No anyone user can understand this URL.
Always create a user friendly URL that can a user understand even search engine also. Create you URL’s like

If you have a dynamic website that has thousands of pages, you can use URL rewriting tools.
ImagesImages play an important role in the website, they create a better environment for the user. But sometimes it creates better experience. If your website has big images, it takes more time in loading. So always try to use small images or you can use Sprites. Use less resolution images 72dpi. Place image in context in the page, more related text around the image, the better results you will get. Create a Folder named “Images” and put all the images inside.
Always name your images descriptive, we talked above search engine can’t read images, he can read only image names. So if you want to see your website’s image's presence in Search engine Image result, always name them like “sun-rises.jpg” instead of “abc123.jpg”. Name your images with their descriptive keywords.
For an example if a person finding sun rises images. They will be going on Google Images to find them and if your sunrises image have names like abc123.jpg, it doesn’t appear in Google image results.
Always try to best practices for image naming. Use ALT tag with an image, because if your website takes more time for loading or not loaded properly the ALT tag does the work image.
SitemapWeb pages list of a website called sitemap. It creates your site more accessible to crawlers or users. Sitemaps basically created to tell the search engine about all the pages on the website. Through sitemap a user and crawler can go on your all website pages that means it creates your website more accessible. Do’s and Don’ts with Sitemaps.

* Always create XML sitemap because it’s more accessible for Crawlers.
* Put your sitemap in your websites main folder.
* Create separate Sitemaps one for the user and one for Crawler.
* You can use Google Sitemap Generator for creating sitemap or other software’s which you have.
* Submit it in Search Engines.Don’ts

* Don’t create over optimized sitemap.
* Don’t put your sitemap in inner folders of your website.
* Don’t create duplicate Sitemaps.
* After submitting sitemap check status.Social MediaYou want to create a relationship with your customers. You have to use social media, they help you to create a customer family. Now social media becomes a must part of SEO. It creates exposure and helps you in building trust and community.
The user always shares a link with their network if he find it useful. It creates a possibility of link building.
Social media’s plus point is you don’t need to pay a single penny for your exposure.
Get started with major social media website like:

* Twitter
* Facebook
* LinkedIn
* Google+ etc.Create your profiles and put some social media icons on your website and connect them with their accounts. It tells others that the company is available and actionable.
Adding twitter feeds on website also help with regular updates and keyword placement.
ConclusionFirst update your website regularly because If you give better content and user experience, you gain more traffic. With these methods you can claim for your top position in Google results. Create your checklist and achieve the goals you’re looking for.

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blogging ideas for beginners in hindi

CraigPew    10/04/2018, 01:44
п»їFree Matrimony Sites – in search of a life partner

One of the most important decisions of one’s life is the decision of marriage. Right after a child settles down in his or her career, their parents start pushing them for marriage. This is a common scene in every household of India. Parents get behind your back and will force you to search for a life partner as soon as possible. If you have already chosen a life partner then the process of parents meeting and deciding on the dates and all starts. If not then the tedious process of searching for a life partner will have to be started. Relying on the age old methods of asking the priest, or family members, or friends, or relatives to help in looking for a life partner does not work much more now. So new avenues of searching for your life partner has come up like matrimonial classifieds, free matrimonial sites, marriage bureaus etc. Here you can advertise about your profile and search for various profiles in these.
With technology being an integral part of our lives, matrimonial sites have fast found patronage and now boast of a number of users. The popularity of free matrimony sites is India has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few years. You can find an array of sites on matrimonial in India and most of them are doing reasonably well. You can search for various profiles on these sites and can search for your prospective life partner.
The working of these matrimonial sites in India is very easy and effective. You can register on these free matrimony sites for free. You need to fill your details on the site like age, name, preferences, hobbies, qualities you are looking for in a life partner, family values etc. You can search for various profiles and look for your desired qualities. Quick search options are available on the matrimonial sites in India.
India is a huge country with diverse culture, religion, languages, caste, regions etc. So, the free matrimony sites in India have been developed in such a way that all these features have been kept in mind and incorporated in the site. This makes the search much easier and effective.
The free matrimony sites allows you various other features as well like preferred location of your profile or monthly packages, or regional packages and many more similar features. The free matrimony sites are user friendly and the navigation of these sites is very easy. So just log on to the site and search for your life partner.

Visit site: http://gameone.club/

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AlltaNic    09/04/2018, 08:21
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Geraldwiz    09/04/2018, 03:56
Предотвратите рак и инвалидность из-за больных суставов
Хондрексил — предотвратит рак, вернет здоровье спине и суставам в любом возрасте (Препарат рекомендован Минздравом РФ)

Остановит процесс разрушения
Снимет опасность
Снимет воспаление
Устранит боль и отёчность
поврежденный хрящ
Повысит подвижность
Предотвратит рак

Почему Хондрексил необходим

Уникальное свойство пант алтайского марала, лечит суставы и связки и позволяет восстановить их функции без операций

Мнение специалиста

Хондрексил – вне всяких сомнений, на сегодняшний день самое прогрессивное средство для лечения суставов в домашних условиях. Это настоящий прорыв российских фармацевтов, который открыл новые возможности в устранении многочисленных заболеваний суставов.

Уникальный состав средства "Хондрексил" регенерирует поврежденную хрящевую ткань, устраняет боли и воспаления суставов и восстанавливает нормальное их функционирование.

В последнее время в среде медиков появилась даже такая шутка – «если у вас болят суставы, значит, вы еще не знаете про Хондрексил». Этот препарат действительно творит чудеса в профилактике и лечении суставных заболеваний.

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