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Питер Пауль Рубенс
(1577 - 1640)
Искусство Питера Пауля Рубенса оказало глубокое влияние на художников многих стран, работавших в различных стилях и жанрах. Ребенса называют гением барокко.
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CraigPew    10/04/2018, 16:36
п»їI tatuaggi fate e folletti ed i loro misteri

I tatuaggi fate e i tatuaggi folletti sono dei soggetti molto comuni nei tatuaggi, i loro personaggi sono tratti da molti racconti e fiabe, storie e leggende. I tatuaggi folletti possono rappresentare dei simpatici e cordiali personaggi nei tatuaggi folletti, o dei personaggi cattivi e ambigui; stessa cosa si puС‚ dire per i tatuaggi fate che possono rappresentare delle fate gentili oppure dei tatuaggi fate malvagie.

Questi tatuaggi folletti e tatuaggi fate sono utilizzati quasi esclusivamente come tatuaggi decorativi, difficilmente li potremmo utilizzare per raccontare un particolare evento della nostra vita; anche se in alcuni casi questi tatuaggi folletti e tatuaggi fate vengono utilizzati con le sembianze di una persona della nostra vita, che nel bene o nel male ci ha influenzato, lasciando un segno tangibile, che vogliamo rendere indelebile.

I tatuaggi fate sono ispirati alle antiche leggende teutoniche dove questi esseri alati vivevano nelle foreste della mitologia tedesca, questi tatuaggi folletti erano degli esseri che vivevano a contatto con gli esseri umani, ma senza farsi notare. Questi esseri rappresentati da dei tatuaggi fate erano molto furbi e giocherelloni, le credenze popolari li credevano degli appartenenti del regno della luce, e del bene in generale. Molti dei soggetti dei tatuaggi fate e tatuaggi folletti derivano dalle leggende presenti nel Medioevo in Europa, che hanno sostenuto e accresciuto il mito di queste creature. Infatti sono molte le persone che hanno raccontano di vedere queste creature, che poi sono diventate le basi per i tatuaggi fate e tatuaggi folletti; anche se i personaggi di queste leggende non sono considerati degli dei da venerare, venivano accostati a loro come servi, visto che venivano accostati al regno della luce.

I tatuaggi fate e tatuaggi folletti venivano anche associati come simboli di fertilitР°, ed a essi venivano associate delle antiche cerimonie per propiziare la fertilitР° dei campi o durante la gravidanza per aiutare il futuro nascituro.
Oggi i tatuaggi fate e tatuaggi folletti traggono ispirazione sia dalle antiche leggende e fiabe, dalle varie filastrocche e dagli antichi racconti; ma anche dai film e dai racconti fantasy. Dal signore degli anelli di Tolkien, ad Harry Potter. Dove la magia e la fantasia hanno creato questi personaggi, per bambini e adulti, che impersonano sia il bene che il male.

Trovare dei bei soggetti per i nostri tatuaggi fate e tatuaggi folletti non Рё difficile, anzi. Grazie ad internet ed alle ottime gallerie di immagini e illustrazioni possiamo trovare decine e decine di ispirazioni per il nostro tatuaggio a sfondo fantasy. Pensiamo molto bene alla scelta del nostro tatuaggio, dato che questo ci accompagnerР° per tutta la vita, e non lo potremo rimuovere con molta facilitР° dalla nostra pelle, infatti non tutti i tatuaggi possono essere rimossi dalla pelle con i moderni raggi laser.

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general knowledge questions and answers for kids in urdu

GuestBleby    10/04/2018, 14:33
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VivienaLER    10/04/2018, 10:09
Никогда не сдавайся...

CraigPew    10/04/2018, 04:28
п»їNon-Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts

You only have one Mom. What would SHE like to get as a Mother’s Day gift?
To figure out what Mom would like as a gift, think from your mom's viewpoint. This way you can give her a gift SHE will really enjoy.
Gift giving can be disastrous. How? When a gift giver gives what the gift giver WANTS the receiver to like. Have you ever done that trying to force your tastes on the receiver? When you do that, you are NOT truly giving a gift. Instead, you are trying to force your tastes on others. This can alienate a relationship, and be considered insensitive to the gift receiver.
So, give Mom a gift SHE would like to have. Even if it make no sense to you, it is meaningful to HER. And that is what gift giving is about. Giving a gift meaningful to the receiver.
What if you don’t KNOW what the gift receiver likes? You can be sneaky. Visit the person. Look around her house or retirement home room. What are the things already in her home? This is a sneaky way you can get clues as to what SHE likes.
When you give Mom a gift she likes, you can avoid feeling disappointed she doesn’t like YOUR tastes. Don’t take gift giving personally. Focus on giving something Mom likes and accept that it is okay for her to like things you do not like.
However, also use good sense. If Mom likes to smoke cigarettes, and you know smoking endangers her health, that doesn’t mean you need to support her habit. The same with foods you know are bad for her health. Don’t give her chocolates if she’s a diabetic. Don’t send her flowers if you know she has flower allergies (unless they’re silk flowers which might be acceptable to her.)
So, what does your mom like? Does she like angels, religious statutes, topics? Does she like gardening, cats, dogs, frogs? Is she interested in developing her spiritual or metaphysical skills? Focus on thinking from Mom’s viewpoint so you can create a happy memory with her using the things SHE likes or loves. And, don’t criticize or judge her for her likes that may be different than your own. As long as they are actually harmless, reassure her that you respect her enough to support what she likes.
Is she very social? Does she love visiting with people she loves? If so, she may be a “non-materialistic” type of mom. She may see getting “stuff” is insulting and insensitive. Instead, simply spending time with her loved ones is how she creates a happy memory in her mind. That might be a more priceless gift, an everlasting gift she can take with her into the afterlife.
Even if your Mom has Alzheimer’s or dimentia, spend Mother's Day in a way preferred by her as if she is still aware of your presence when visiting. Spending time with her as if she knows you are there is how you work with her nature.
You can create a happy memory for a mom that likes spending time with loved ones. That means instead of sending flowers or “things” commit to personally spending time with her. Your presence IS the gift!
If you feel uncomfortable visiting with Mom, put that aside just for this Mother’s day. If your mom is aging, you may only have a limited number of Mother’s Days left to spend with her on this earth. Rather than regret spending too much time working or on other times, take the time THIS Mother’s Day to focus on all the things your mom did that helped you become the person you are today.
Sure, it's easy, convenient and simple to spend money on sending a gift. But, if you are geographically close enough, spend time with your Mom. Nobody else is you. No one can ever replace YOU and the time you spend with your Mom.
Bring along a digital recorder on your visit. Ask Mom questions where she can recall happy childhood memories (as appropriate) or stories about the things she did before she became your mom. Ask questions where she recalls funny or happy stories about you and the family when you were a kid.
This is NOT the time to get her to confess about and record all her faults. That will not be a happy memory for you to cause her to feel upset. Now is the time to simply love, respect and appreciate all the sacrifices she made for you.
No one is perfect as a parent. Each mom and dad does the best he or she can do to raise his or her kids without an operator’s manual or training. Creating digitally recorded memories now can be a precious keepsake for you and your children after she is gone.
To create a happy memory recording, do it THIS mother's day. If you procrastinate, it might be a regret for you after she's gone.
As an End-Of-Life Coach having years of experience in palliative care, and helping clients feel comfortable with the end-of-life experience you owe it to your loved ones to create a digitally recorded happy memory gift. Mother’s and Father’s Day is a great time to create this gift with aging parents.
But, this can also be true for your child who may be terminally ill. When a loved one is seriously ill and may only have a short time to live, create a digitally recorded happy memory gift. After your loved one is gone, it often helps the survivors and the child while he or she is still living to create a precious, digitally recorded happy memory gift. In my own case, when my firstborn child was still alive, I was grateful we recorded conversations with him on tape.
It may be controversial to some who do not believe in life after death, but for those who do believe in the afterlife, create a happy memory now. You can create it in the form of a digital recording in your loved one's own voice.
Though this might be an unusual gift for your mother this Mother’s Day, consider creating it. You can receive a lot of comfort creating this happy memory gift or your mom. And she can be comforted knowing you cared enough to do something really special to memorialize the relationship you have with her. You have her voice recorded as a happy keepsake source for after she’s gone to the other side.
If you would like help for your loved one needing comfort before crossing over to the other side, please call and leave a message. In my coaching sessions, we set up simple communication methods for being able to stay connected with your deceased loved ones after they’ve passed over to the other side. Leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.
Susan Fox
Ordained Minister
Universal Life Church
in the US and Canada (740) 531-0400

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catwar время

CraigPew    10/04/2018, 04:08
п»їAn Expert Bengal Cat Breeder Is A Must

One of the most difficult steps in getting a Bengal cat of your very own is to know where a reliable Bengal cat breeder is located. Do have to travel considerable distances just to buy a Bengal cat that has been carefully and nicely raised and cared for by a true breeder?
That could be the problem until today but in the present day, one could simply get access to a conscientious Bengal cat breeder through a lot of simple ways. The Internet, pet magazines, Bengal cat shows, pet stores, and through well known friends.
Keep reading to find out the best way!
The Internet
With modern level of communication along with very high levels of technology, finding a trustworthy Bengal cat breeder is a piece of cake. The internet serves as the easiest means of gaining access to Bengal breeders in your town or at least close to your location. A confident Bengal cat breeder constantly demonstrates his/her Bengal litter on the web, in order that everyone could watch how effective the breeding program is. You'll be able to straight away contact these breeders if you have any questions regarding their Bengals. There are numerous directories for Bengal cat breeder online which could actually connect you with credible breeders.
Pet magazines
Pet magazines might really come up with contact and background information on some featured Bengal breeders in the region. You can actually easily speak with the editor for any available business number or e-mail address that could connect you to a Bengal cat breeder. With this presented to you, you can easily organize a scheduled visit to the cattery and check out the breeder.
Bengal Cat Shows
Bengal cat exhibitions are also excellent venues for having first hand information on a superb Bengal cat breeder. A Bengal cat show venue is generally full of breeders who would be more than excited to share crucial information to you about the Bengals that they have. It may be very easy for you to collect Bengal cat breeder business cards and this will be favorable in your part. Simply because of the massive array of alternatives that you could easily compare on your very own time.
Pet shops
If your local pet shop happens to sell Bengal cats, then it is most certainly that the management has a contact with a Bengal cat breeder in your region. When you visit one, make sure that you take your time talking to the owner or the manager of the pet store. Certainly you can get a bit of juicy tips on which Bengal cat breeder shall be worth your time and money. Pet stores don’t just sell pet merchandise and pets. They hold background data on every animal they sell. Perhaps you may get an address, a phone number, or e-mail address to make contact with the store’s supplier of Bengals
Friendly Recommendations
This may be a long shot but if ever your friend’s friend knows one Bengal cat breeder that they could guarantee for, therefore you should be fortunate enough to get full entry to the cattery. This may help you be actually exposed to the goings on in the cattery itself. A great a good occasion for you to observe the nursery, the queens, the studs, and also the actual raising batches-sort of helpful tour of the place.
Having your own Bengal cat probably will be a very exciting experience for you and your family. Therefore certainly do your research when it comes to the reliable Bengal cat
breeder in your region.
Find out more about Bengal cat breeders by visiting my specialized Bengal Cat website.

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